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Amarte es mi pecado Poster

Amarte es mi pecado (2004)

Nora is a poor young woman filled with dreams who lives in the beautiful city of Patzcuaro. Her father and her evil stepmother decide to marry her off to a rich man so that she can have a better...

GenreDrama, Romance Number of episodes 1 Latest available episode Cast and crewBenjamín Cann, Liliana Abud, Jaime García Estrada, Orlando Merino, Yadhira Carrillo, Sergio Sendel, Alessandra Rosaldo, Silvia Pasquel, Alexis Ayala, René Casados, Tiaré Scanda, Dacia Arcaraz, Erika Buenfil, Josefina Echánove, Gabriela Goldsmith, Ofelia Guilmáin, Verónica Jaspeado, Galilea Montijo, Farah Abud, Roberto Antunez, Show All
Full description Nora is a poor young woman filled with dreams who lives in the beautiful city of Patzcuaro. Her father and her evil stepmother decide to marry her off to a rich man so that she can have a better life. On her father's deathbed she swore to marry a rich man. After her father dies, Heriberto Reyes begins to harass Nora. When he attempts to molest her, she defends herself by firing a gun at him, landing her in jail.... and with a bad image. Heriberto's wife, Gertrudis has made Nora's life a living hell with help of Nora's ex boyfriend Alfredo. Practically driven out of town, Nora and her stepmother move to Morelia to live with her Aunt Alejandra and her godchild Casilda. Casilda is the opposite of what Nora symbolizes like beauty, inside and out. Nora meets the love of her life, Arturo, a pilot when she attempts suicide and he saves her.....Over time their love grows, and Nora becomes jealous of women like Gisela, and her aunt's goddaughter Casilda. Gisela's husband, Evaristo and Leonardo also admire Nora's beauty like Heriberto did, which, on the other hand, makes Casilda jealous because she is in love with Leonardo. Later on.... Isaura discovers that Casilda isn't really Alejandra's goddaughter, but her real DAUGHTER! She discovers that Alejandra kept it a secret, because Casilda's father, is Nora's dad! Isaura hides this from Casilda, until the day that Isaura poisons her with an apple, so that Casilda can inherit Alejandra's money, and split it up with greedy Isaura. On another side of town, there's Paulina who lives with her father and brother, and becomes a journalist for Juan Carlos Orellana, who falls in love with Paulina. These characters lives will cross when Arturo goes to Miami, as part of his pilot career and in a chance encounter, he accidentally sleeps with Paulina. Meanwhile, Nora discovers she's pregnant, and her stepmother, Isaura, gets furious, because she wanted to marry her off to a rich man. And due to their encounter, Paulina is also pregnant. Both women run into each other different times through their lives, and discover that they have the same tastes....even in the love of a man. Arturo tells Nora that Paulina is pregnant by him and Nora becomes furious, and decides to raise her baby alone, and doesn't tell him shes carrying his baby too. But the jealousy of people went to limits, but Nora eventually has her baby. Since Isaura was very furious that Nora was pregnant, she makes Nora believe that her baby died at birth, and switches Nora's baby with Casilda's baby, which was born the same night, but died due to Casilda's aspirin overdose. Now, lost in a world, and alone, Nora does a drastic change in her life...exploiting men for money, and getting revenge on those who have wronged her. And the two people shes really doing this for, Arturo and Paulina. She becomes a cold woman, who constantly seeks an escape. This was all caused by destiny, and evil people who have poisoned her mind. When a charming man Felix Palacios comes in the picture, they marry, and move to Felix's mansion in a remote location, not seen on any maps. Arturo marries Paulina, after Nora decides to not ever see him again, and have their baby the same exact night that Nora and Casilda had their babies. Meanwhile, Arturo lives a sad life thinking of Nora all the time, and Paulina as well. She wants Nora to stay away and will also go to drastic limits. Underneath it all, Nora still loves Arturo., but she cant love anyone because she considers loving as her sin...... Five years later pass on by, and Casilda brings over Alejandrita (Nora's real child), and they notice that Alejandrita looks exactly like Nora did when she was a child. Even though Alejandrita comes from a rich family, she is still a pure, sweet little girl. On the other hand, Marissa, Arturo and Paulina's little girl, is selfish, and spoiled, due to her parents, because they felt sorry for her because she had heart problems. Later on, Felix hires a pilot, because he bought Nora a private plane, and is coincidentally, ARTURO!!! Nora discovers that Arturo is her pilot, and she tries to avoid him as much as possible. Towards the end of this story, Isaura kills Paulina with a pair of scissors, because she heard Isaura confess that she changed Nora and Casilda's babies at birth, Casilda comes out of the institution she was in, for having false illusions of her [god]mother, and a lot of Mafia guys kill Felix and all his body guards. Leonardo is also killed because he also knew the truth about Nora and Casilda's babies split at birth, and Casilda leaves Alejandrita with her real mother, Casilda's half-sister, Nora, and goes away with a trucker, and abandons Isaura in the dessert. A year passes on by, and Arturo is in church, telling Paulina, you know, by prayer, and tells her that Marissa, their daughter, had surgery, and no longer has heart problems. Then, Nora sees Arturo for the first time in five years, at the same fountain where they broke up six years ago, due to Paulina's pregnancy, and they live happily ever after with their two daughters, Marissa and Alejandrita.